Company «ANTIX» is an independent insurance agency and is a member of the insurance market of the Republic of Armenia for more than 3 years. We offer all types of insurance for individuals and legal entities, including car insurance and Casco.



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 Travel Insurance

In this section you will find detailed and actual information about travel insurance

 The travel insurance is mandatory for the travelers going to countries of the Schengen agreement. Such insurance may not be strictly necessary for entry into other countries, but is almost always acquired.


Description of the travel insurance:

Travelers' annual insurance policy (business card):

  • Meant for those who regularly go abroad;
  • Provides insurance for an unlimited number of trips during one year;
  • Valid during the first 90 days of each trip;
  • Valid in all countries.

 Single use travel insurance policy:

  • Meant for those who go abroad not often or go abroad for a long time (1-3 months) and stay there continuously;
  • Provides insurance for only one trip;
  • Duration of the trip - from 3 days to 1 year;
  • Valid in any selected country.

 Insurance cases and support services:

  • Medical care in case of illness or accident;
  • Emergency dental care;
  • Transportation in case of illness or accident;
  • Repatriation in case of death because of illness or accident;
    • Repatriation of remains;
    • Transmission of urgent messages;
    • Relative’s arrival;
    • Early return because of unforeseen circumstances;
    • Shipment of drugs.

The cost of the policy depends on the host country, the trip duration, the sum insured and the insurance program.

The insurance is not valid in the country of residence.

Independent position allows us to be objective in the choice of an insurance company to prevent our customers from the insurance risks. Wide experience in the insurance market helps us to get a true idea of each insurance partner’s reputation, service quality and many others no less important parameters.

The company activity is primarily focused on the protection of the insurers' rights and interests.

We cooperate with the leading insurance companies in Armenia and offer you a full range of insurance services.



Benefits of insurance policies purchase an insurance agency:

 - The Agency is an insured persons' representative and, therefore, always tries to meet all the needs of its customers.

- The Agency is interested in providing favorable conditions for its customers. The Agency provides accurate and comprehensive information.

- The Agency is constantly analyzing the insurance market, has complete information and can develop individual optimal insurance conditions for each customer.

- The cost of insurance at the agency is not higher than in the insurance company.

- The Agency can always give advice to the client on controversial issues and situations.


The pricelist for car insurance


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